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How a Polyface Neighborhood Pick Up Works

  1. Arrive at your drop location at the appropriate time and pick up your invoice from your Polyface food fairy (Polyface Representative).
  2. Look at the bottom portion of your invoice where it says “Cooler” and find the appropriate cooler or bag with your product.
  3. Check to make sure your entire order is there.
  4. Pick up your non-frozen items, such as eggs, apple juice, dairy, kombucha, or thermal bags.

Polyface charges a $10 restocking fee for all orders that are not picked up at the drop on time. Please don’t be late!

UPS Shipping straight to your doorstep!

Shipping FAQs

  1. Why are your shipping cost so much? Most of our sales on our site we deliver to customers within 4 hours of our farm. We don’t imbed the cost of UPS shipping into the price of our products because so many customers are local. The bottom line is that shipping is expensive and we want you to know what you are paying for our high quality meat and what you are paying to have it delivered to you. When you know how much it costs to get our meat sent to you, we hope that you will look around and turn to farms practicing pastured and regenerative farming in your foodshed!
  2. Can I select ground shipping even though I am on the west coast? You can select it, but we won’t ship an order out if it takes more than 48 hours to reach you. We’ll contact you and give you a quote for upgrading to 2 day shipping. The UPS ground option on listed for those in the states that receive ground shipments the next day.
  3. When will my order ship? All orders placed by midnight Sunday will ship out on Monday and Tuesday. If you want to place an order, but have it shipped out on a different date, please put a note in the comment box when checking out.
  4. What do you use for packaging and shipping materials? Orders are packed in a biodegradable liner with either dry ice or non-toxic dry ice packs, depending on the weather and transit time.
  5. Can I recycle my box? Yes! The liner is biodegradable and the box is regular cardboard. If you want to send it back, we have a box return program. You can mail the box back using UPS Media Mail, by putting a book inside. (The rate is between $3-$5.) We’ll put the book on our “Free Library” shelf in our store and enjoy re-using your shipping box. Plus, after returning 5 boxes, you get a coupon code for $50.00 of Polyface meat!


Thank you for partnering with us in healing the land!

In 1961, William and Lucille Salatin moved their young family to Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, purchasing the most worn-out, eroded, abused farm in the area near Staunton.