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Imagine Your Home Nestled in Abundance

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Larder. That is not a word you hear too much today. Do you have one? Our grandparents invested heavily in stocking their larder. Supermarkets did not exist until 1946. Before then, a household’s food was stored in the domestic larder. In those days, any person wishing to see a community’s food stash could find it nestled securely in the home larder.

Polyface would like to encourage you to participate in creating your own larder. We offer deeper discounts on purchasing in bulk. We hope you will take advantage of these offerings.

Imagine your home nestled in abundance.  Surrounded by integrity food, you enjoy a soul-level satisfaction–pleasure–wrapped in the earth’s nurturing provision.  That is a balm.  It touches us deeply, profoundly, with a hopeful, optimistic mindset.  Here at Polyface, we covet real pleasure for you and hope you’ll let us be your Larder Coach in this year of participation.  Thank you.


We believe in local food

We should all seek food closer to home, in our foodshed, our own bioregion. This means enjoying seasonality and reacquainting ourselves with our home kitchens.