Polyface Love

We Rely On You

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We Are A Farm

And because we are a farm…
we cannot call up our nearest grocery store and order more product.

We rely on you to be patient through our growing pains, and we rely on you to pull out your recipe books and find ways to use the whole animal, not just the most popular pieces.

Many of you have asked how you can help us succeed over the years. Such a cherished question! In response to this question, we’ve started this I LOVE POLYFACE section. The products we place under this section are the ones we need help moving. We’re using this section to encourage you to try something new or use an old favorite.

Maybe this means Thanksgiving in July (Turkey) or Breakfast for Dinner (Sausage Links). Any way that you want to spin it, we encourage you to rise to the challenge and make your kitchen a culinary adventure land.

Thank You