Soy Free Cornish Cross Broiler

Summer 2019

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Polyface now offers 2 types of broilers chickens

Regular Cornish Cross and Soy-Free Cornish Cross

Soy Free Cornish Cross Broiler

Polyface now has 2 types of broiler chickens: regular Cornish Cross broiler and soy-free Cornish Cross broiler. Did you catch that last one?

Due to customer request, we’re offering a broiler without any soybeans in its ration. Instead, we’ve substituted flax seed oil, fish meal, and winter peas for the protein. It is all still GMO-free (Genetically

Modified Organism) and of course, still raised on pasture.

Some folks don’t want soybeans due to fears about estrogen. Some folks are developing hyper-sensitive allergies to soybeans. Whatever the cause, we’re listening and responding. This is a trial; if we don’t get much response, we won’t continue it. But if you’ve been wanting to change, or if you’ve not purchased chicken from us due to this issue, now’s your chance to go ahead and try some. We raised them just for you.

You can read more about these here.

What are the USDA Broilers?

These are broilers that have been processed in a USDA inspected facility and are the only broilers available to be shipped through the mail. Our other broilers are processed and inspected here on the farm and are eligible for all pick up on location orders. We hope this explanation helps to clear things up for you! We do not have any soy free USDA inspected broilers available at this time.