Polyface Rewards Program

Earn points when you shop and receive coupons when you refer your friends!

To Shop

Receive 2 points for every $1 you spend (with a $75 order minimum)!

How it works!

How to redeem your loyalty points!

Step #1 - Log in to your PolyfaceYum account. If you are logged in, you will see your point total in the green pop up on the left or green tab on the right.

Step #2 - To redeem 40 points per dollar, click the green tab on the right or click on this link

Step #3 - The first screen you’ll see is the gift items.

Step #4 - Click on the three lines at the top of the box (NOTE: you will not see this if you’re not logged into your account.) Then click on lifetime points. This will show you exactly how many point you have available to redeem at this moment.

Step #5 - Click on “View Rewards & Claim”. You’ll be taken back to the first screen and you can choose the coupon reward of your choice. Every 2,000 points will enable you to redeem $50 off. So if you have 4,000 points you can redeem a coupon code for $100.

Once you have redeemed your points (It will ask you if you are sure - click yes) Then click on the the little papers next to the code. This will automatically copy the code for you or you can just copy the code yourself.

Step #6 - Apply the code to your order! Go to your shopping cart and underneath your products, you’ll see the words: “Have a promo coupon or gift card? Redeem your code” Click on it.

Then put in your copied coupon code. Be sure you put it into the correct spot. Not both nor the gift card code or it won’t work.

The code is only valid for one order, so once you use it, it’s finished. However, there is no expiration date on the coupon codes so if you redeem it and change your mind or forget to paste it in, no worries. Just use it the next time! You will receive an email with your redeemed code but if you lose it, no problem!

Just go back to your loyalty card screen and click on the three little lines at the top (see Step #4 above) and click on “Redeem History”.

You will see your past coupon codes. Anything that has been used already will be marked. Copy the unused code and go apply it to your order.

How to refer a friend

Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 above.

Step #4 Click on the referral tab. Either copy the link and send it to them or click on the email or Facebook tab to share it that way.

Hint: if you copy and paste this link directly into your browser and hit go. Once it pulls up, wait just a minute and you’ll see your unique code. You can also share that with your friend instead of the link if you’d prefer.

This is what your friend will see:

Have them copy the code and apply it to their order BEFORE checkout. It cannot be used more than one time and they can only use it on their first order!

Polyface Rewards Program Rules

  • You must apply the coupon codes before you place your order. We will not apply them to orders already placed.
  • You will earn 2 points for every $1 you spend, however, the points cannot be redeemed until 14 days after you receive your order.
  • You MUST be signed in when you order in order to receive loyalty points.
  • You must place a $75 minimum order to earn new points.
  • Any order that you missed pick up or canceled will not earn points.
  • If you missed an order that applied points to, we will add those points back to your account and you can redeem them 14 days later.
  • If you have an old loyalty card floating around, turn it in to us at the pick up and we will apply it to your online account.
  • EMAIL CHANGE: if you change your email or use multiple emails for placing orders, you will have points attached to each account. If you want us to consolidate to one account, please send us an email with the email addresses and the one you want everything moved to. Give us a couple of days to sort it out. Once finished your points will be ready for redemption in 14 days.
  • Codes can only be used once! If you’re getting an error, it is either because it was already redeemed or you have the wrong code or you’re putting it in the wrong location.
  • We do not accept stacked discounts; i.e. you may only use one coupon code per order.
  • Unused portions of the discount will not carry over to subsequent orders. However, you’re welcome to save the coupon code and apply it to a larger order later on.