Polyface Loyalty Rewards

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Get great rewards!

Our Thank You for making a difference.

Here’s how it works:


Your points are automatically added to your account. They will be available for you to redeem after 10 days.

You choose when to redeem! You can redeem your points once they reach 1,000 for a $50 off coupon or you can wait until they reach 4,000 for $200 off. Your choice

The points do not expire.

The points are non-transferable. Please use your same email address to place your orders every time so that your points will accrue in one account.

To check the status of your points, click on the green “Loyalty Rewards” button on the right side of your computer. On mobile devices, click on the green Polyface Logo icon.

OLD CARDS - Please mail in or give your old Loyalty cards to use so that we can add them to your online account. They will be available to use within 14 days from the day that you submit them.

CUSTOMER REFERRAL - You have your very own referral code. Share this code with your friends and they can use it to receive $10 off their first order. You’ll also receive a $10 off code once their order is completed! Your special customer referral code is found in your Loyalty Rewards section found by clicking on the green “Loyalty Rewards” button to the right.


After you have redeemed your points, you will receive a coupon code via email. Copy and Paste the code into your shopping bag before you start the check out process. This will ensure that your discount gets applied to your order.

If you forget, just hold onto your card until your next order. The discount codes do not expire until you have used it!


Coupon codes are only good for one online purchase transaction and cannot be shared with other customers.

  1. We do not accept stacked discounts; i.e. you may only use one coupon code per order.
  2. Unused portions of the discount will not carry over to subsequent orders. However, you’re welcome to save the coupon code and apply it to a larger order later on.
  3. If you forget your card, just ask for another. We cannot hold “punches” for you for the next time.