2017 Season Launch

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Polyface Yum is now open for shopping!


Hello [Food Buyer],


The Buying Club season has begun! You can find the 2017 pick up dates and locations here. We encourage you to check your location for pick up time changes and mark your calendar now for all of the dates this year.


We started a new pick up in South Fairfax, so if you're close to that area or happen to know someone there, check it out!


Next week, we're going to be sending you an email with some well thought out information on WHY Polyface farm and the Salatin family do what we do. We hope you'll take the time to read it and click on the link in that email to be entered into a drawing for a special giveaway.

How to be our favorite patron this year


We are a farm. And because we are a farm, we cannot call up our nearest grocery store and order more product. 


We believe in local food. And because we believe in local food we do not send all of our overstock to China.


We rely on you. We rely on you to be patient through our growing pains, and we rely on you to pull out your recipe books and find ways to use the whole animal, not just the most popular pieces.


Many of you have asked how you can help us succeed over the years. Such a cherished question! In response to this question, we've started a new section on Polyface Yum titled I Love Polyface. The products we place under this secton are the ones we need help moving. We're using this section to encourage you to try something new or use an old favorite. 


Maybe this means Thanksgiving in July (Turkey) or Breakfast for Dinner (Sausage Links). Any way that you want to spin it, we encourage you to rise to the challenge and make your kitchen a culinary adventureland.


Thank you!

Help your Host Home


Our gratitude to our hosts and hostesses cannot be measured. They willingly give their addresses, allow traffic in their driveway and give up their time to meet us on their pick up days.


We owe much to these families.


Just a quick reminder:


Please do not ask your hosting family to keep your order for you. They already do so much and cannot feasibly keep everyone's meat order until a later pick up time. 


If you cannot meet us on your pick up day, please either have a friend pick up for you or reschedule your order for another location.




Don't forget to thank your hosting family!


A trick to getting the most out of your loyalty card.


Spend $50 (before taxes) and receive a punch. Get 10 punches and receive $50 off your next order.



It's simple and it's not. Because we sell by the pound and not by the piece, your total cannot be calculated until the day before the pick up when we weigh each order up and total delivery (30 cents/lb) and sales tax (2.5%). Our online prices are estimates of your total. High estimates to keep you from sticker shock at the drop.


So, to make sure that you hit that $50 before taxes mark, be sure to place your order online in $60 increments. The extra $10 will give you a little extra cushion to make sure that you receive the punch on your card.


Read the complete list of our Loyaly Card Terms & Conditions here.


Waiting on Broiler Season


This is first season in many, many years that we have come into the first of the year without any broilers in our freezer. Last year we had a major overstock and this year we have are understocked. 


You may or may not know that our broiler season on the farm begins in mid-March, with our first processing on May 17. This means that we won't have any broilers until after May 17.


The good news is that once this season starts, all of our chicken will have been processed within weeks of your receiving it.


Want an alternative?

Try our Heritage Roosters and our Stewing Hens.


Our Heritage Roosters were recently processed in late January. You can read more about them here.



Refer a Friend


We're still offering $10 off for you AND your friend for the 2017 season!


Spread the word!



Polyface Gardens


Allison Hays interned with us last year after spending two years co-managing a sizable vegetable Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operation in Wisconsin.  Grateful for her season with animals, she came to us with a proposition in the fall:  create a full-salaried produce operation at Polyface.


How could we say no?  Since the end of the internship Sept. 30, Allison has been mulching, digging, weeding, planting, and building.  We've been enjoying fresh salad greens from the garden all winter, protected and growing under her double-covered beds.  This season she plans to have a full cadre of vegetables in our on farm store and she'll be offering specific boxes to the buying clubs as well.  We're excited about this experiment and opportunity--when you come out for a visit, you will no doubt find her somewhere out in the garden.


Watch our emails for more information as the growing season progresses.

Polyface Farm: Healing the Land One Bite at a Time!


Questions, Concerns, or Life Changing Testimonials? 


Please don't hesitate to contact us! Simply reply to this email and either Sheri Salatin or Andrea Gram will be in touch shortly.


Thank you so much for choosing Polyface Farm as your clean meat connection! We value your patronage!


Polyface Farm

43 Pure Meadows Lane

Swoope, VA 24479



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