Newsletter #6 - 2016

Buying Club News 2016 Issue #6

Quick Reminder: Now is the time to stock up on Eggs and Larder Packages.



Thank you, thank you for jumping on board with our Boston Butt and Heritage Rooster BOGO sales (which ended August 1)!


We were excited to see how well it was received and plan to start another BOGO sale soon! Stay tuned!





August and September are our months for accepting applications for the 2017 Summer Intern Season. We've had an awesome team this year and we'll also be talking with many of them about staying on throughout the coming year.

The applicants who make the cut on paper will be invited for a 2-day check out on the farm in November.

We covet your prayers for wisdom in choosing our team for the coming seasons.




The next Free Range Saturday is Saturday, August 27 and the last one is Saturday, September 17.


We're offering a paid guided tour for the September 17 Free Range Saturday, you can book your ticket for that here.



NEW ITEM: Ketchung! Sauces


We'd like to take a moment to introduce you to new product we are offering as a trial on Polyface Yum.


It's called Ketchung! sauces and is available in two flavors:

Signature Sauce and Barbecue Sauce.

Both have a little bit of tang to them, but we enjoyed them so much we're hoping some of you might like them too.


They contain no msg, preservatives, corn syrup, gluten, dairy or soy.


If you decide to give these a try, please let us know your feedback and that will determine if we continue to offer these in the future. If for some reason you read this and they are already sold out, let us know that you're interested. Again, this will help us to know that you all want more! Depending on how you all receive them will depend on how often and how much we keep in stock.


The Story of KETCHUNG!: Korean Inspired Ketchup

Ketchung’s spiciness threshold is decades in the making.

Born in South Korea, immigrating to the U.S. two years later, Helen was raised in a family where “kim chi,” was a staple on her family’s dinner table, as much as butter, salt, and pepper is to the average American. In fact, a s a toddler, wh en other kids ate mac & cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Helen ate kim chi and rice.

For Helen, regular ketchup simply did not cut it; it failed to satisfy the level of spiciness she craved in her food.

Later in high school, Helen devised the ketchup mixture that finally matched her peppery preference.

Fast forward to life in Washington, D.C; David met Helen and her spicy sauce.

Since they first met, Helen and David had a special phrase that was said in moments of joy. “Let’s bottle it up,” they would say. ‘Bottling it up’ meant to relish that moment – one that you could savor later in life.

During the holidays, Helen began to gift her family, friends, and work colleagues jars of her sauce. And they loved it. As her maiden name is “Chung”, Helen called her spicy Korean concoction – “Ketchung”. On one of those occasions, David said, “Let’s bottle it up.”

And so they did. They bottled up this Korean-inspired spicy ketchup and today it is a staple on Helen and David's dinner table.


Place your order today on Polyface Yum!

The third installment of...



By Andrea Gram


SOLILOQUY: To be an All-Star or not to be, that is the question. I suddenly find myself imagining all sorts of important missions half way across the world in need of my immediate attention. Take the sea faring turtles in the Galopogas Island for example or the..


“Don't be afraid, I am with you.”


Yes Lord, but you don't understand – there are giants in the land! And well, what if there's a trap door underneath my office chair? One too many foul balls in the form of misplaced decimal points and down the shoot I'll go!


“The giants are bringing your bread, just trust Me. Selah!”


Joel and Teresa Salatin


I was shuffling through a stack of invoices somewhat frantic over a bulk-order-gone-wrong when Teresa sauntered into the office. It was late in the afternoon and I scarcely looked up muttering something like, “I h--a--t--e making mistakes”. She stood in her usual grounded position regarding my angst and then casually coalesced, “everybody makes mistakes. If you didn't make any, well..” her thoughts appeared to pounce as she mused, “'d be peeeeerfect”.


Teresa loves cats. Need I say more? Peeeeerhaps something warm and fuzzy about her delightfully dry sense of humor? While interviewing her grandson Travis for this story, he reminded me how nonchalant his grandma is when she threatens to take the computer out back and put a bullet through the screen every time it gives us any trouble. Truth: laughter cures anxiety better than any pharmaceutical drug on earth!


Or shall I say something cool and calibrated about how down-to-earth and practical Teresa is? How she crouches securely over home-base catching all the invoice payments that come skidding back in from the outfield – including any fowl balls. Whenever my pitch is off she just gives a slight wink and a nod letting me know she trusts me to figure out the corrective measure. 


I get the feeling that if Teresa ever guarded home-base a little too vigilantly, her curiosity must have gotten the best of her. She's definitely learned to play with a sense of propriety. Not too warm, not too cold. Not too big, not too small. Not too soft or hard, but something.... “just right”??


Picture of Teresa's Flower Garden


Teresa's flower gardens – they're “just right”! A perfect organic mix of function and beauty via mounds of opulent perennials peppered all around the property. She even has Adel Vice, which really tickles my Norwegian fancy. Maybe it's the rich compost of mistakes made over the years or all the passers-by fawning over such beauty. It's definitely the tender, loving care she gives.


Whether it's the sandy grit around the infield or the soft loamy mix in her flower beds, one thing is clear: Teresa really enjoys playing in the dirt. I suspect it's how she affords us all that wonderfully grounding presence in the first place.



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