Newsletter #3 - 2016

2016 Issue #3


THE MARVELOUS PIGNESS OF PIGS: Nurturing and Caring for All God's Creation. 


From Joel Salatin


My 10th book is due to be released May 7 under the FaithWords imprint.  This one for sure has been a lifetime in development.  The teaser phrase:  "Rachel Carson for Christians." 


The thesis:  all of physical creation is an object lesson of spiritual truth.  So what does a farm/food system that illustrates forgiveness look like?  Polyface or Tyson?  How about neighborliness?  Abundance?  Faith?  Glory?   I have a bookshelf full of theologians' take on stewardship.  But what does this actually look like on the land, on the plate? 


For too long the faith community and conservatives have disparaged creation care, or environmental ethics.  Our church potlucks routinely serve food produced and processed according to principles diametrically opposed to the theology espoused from the pew.  If you're an atheist, get this book for your faith-based friends who don't get it.  If you're in the faith community (34 percent of Americans) get it for your fellowship group so they can see why buying pastured chicken isn't weird; it actually honors God and faith.  Does God care?  Yes.  And we should too.


Many of you know I've adopted the moniker Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer to break down stereotypes and build bridges.  This is the culmination of al that angst and meditation.  Hope you like it. (Click on the image to see more and order your copy!)

Credit Cards


They're here!!!


We are officially accepting credit cards! You can pay on site by swiping your card, or if you want to pay ahead of time, you can call the farm with your card number and we'll charge it here.


We do ask for your patience with us as we continue working out the kinks and learning curve of this new method of payment!


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Sausage Larders: New Options


Many thanks to those of you who made suggestions and asked for special bundling of sausages. We now have many, many options available for you to purchase sausage and ground pork in bulk.



The options include:


  • Sausage Smorgasbord
  • Breakfast Bulk Larder
  • Breakfast Link Larder
  • Breakfast Patties Larder
  • Breakfast Smorgasbord
  • Mild Bulk Larder
  • Mild Link Larder
  • 2 oz Mild Link Larder
  • Hot Bulk Larder
  • Hot Link Larder
  • 4oz Hot Link Larder
  • Bratwurst Larder
  • Garlic Bulk Larder
  • Just Plain Pork

Click here to go straight to Polyface Yum's Sausage Larder page.


A Continuation of...                                                              by Andrea Gram




What is it that makes Polyface shine like it does?


Is it just that one big luminous star that everyone points to first when they're out star-gazing at night? On the contrary, I think that our good shepherd here would be the first to acknowledge that his star-light wouldn't even register without all the others shining bright and early every morning to put his uncommon earthly wisdom into practice.


So for this series, I'm going to construct something called a “corona”. That is I'm going to focus my lens on the outer part of a star's atmosphere – the glowing aura that's most visible during a total solar eclipse. Interestingly enough, "corona" is a Latin word meaning "crown", from the Ancient Greek κορώνη, which means “garland or wreath”. Could it be? Are all the faithful servants that make up the Farm of Many Faces the very “crown of glory” upon his head?


Indeed, the team that I'm so blessed to work with consists of some of the smartest and hardest working people I know; stewards of devout faith and unwavering discipline – stars in their own right. You might imagine the difficulty I had deciding in which direction to point my star-gazing machine first. For the sake of laying some sandy ground work, I'll begin with the brilliant designer of the Metropolitan Buying Club herself: Sheri Salatin.


If I am the pitcher, Sheri is the woman who designed the infield and positioned each base at precisely the right point in order to move Polyface's clean meat off the farm and into your freezer. Not only did she create this part of the playing field, but she coaches all of the Buying Club operations on a day-to-day basis amidst a myriad of other activities.


Now, if I could somehow adjust the setting on my eyepiece and delve right into Sheri's creative mind in order to present you a picture of exactly what goes on in there, well.. I'd better not. You wouldn't want somebody poking a telescope in your ear would you? Fortunately, we don't have to resort to this kind of invasive procedure to get a good idea of how Sheri's mind works. We can simply look at one of her quilts, for these beautifully intricate patterns of well-defined reason are stitched into every seam of the operation.


I could go into great detail here examining the individual components of the Buying Club, however Sheri's already covered that base in the Polyface Primer. What I'd like to do instead is zoom out and focus on the big picture. I'd like to tell you about what a wonderful mother she is, as evidenced by her delightful children who come galloping into the office most afternoons to brighten my day. I could go on and on about what a devoted wife she is; how I hear her lift her husband's spirits and encourage him throughout the long, hard workdays. Of course I'd love to expound upon all the service projects she volunteers for at her church and in our community, for these things are all a beautiful revelation of who Sheri is - the whole person.


However, studies show that you all just don't have the attention span to deal with me inserting a novel into this newsletter. Therefore, we'll have to settle for a brief glimpse into the recent past – my first days of working at Polyface:


You might have suspected that a business owner as accomplished as Sheri would have looked for someone with an ivy league diploma when my position opened up last summer. Would you believe it if I told you that I was just a front end cashier at Lowes? Even more unusual is the fact that Sheri and Daniel's decision to bring me aboard wasn't based so much on my past performance or even the skill sets I'd developed as much as it was on their relationship with the Lord. That's right, they prayed about it. And this, good people, is how God kept his promise to me and literally waltzed me into "the land of milk and honey".


I could hardly believe I'd been hired to work at Polyface and I was incredibly nervous when I started. Sheri must have known how much I needed a calm and and comforting presence, for she certainly provided one. She seemed to instinctually know how I learned best and what I needed to really wrap my head around things. She patiently walked me through each step as many times as it took before I got it down, giving me little high fives along the way. Being in her presence then.. well it was like being wrapped up in a soft, warm downy quilt of encouragement.


Now I know what you're probably thinking, “this woman can't be real.” I know, I can hardly resist pinching her from time to time just to make sure! Seriously, you're just not going to get that kind of Jerry Springer drama here folks. The fact is that for any area of weakness Sheri has, she makes up for it a million different ways on a million different days. 


Besides, if Sheri was perfect - if any of us were perfect - how could we ever be loved? How would we become familiar to one another, trusted, even needed? Therefore, in our humility we're able to see and understand our weakness for what it really is: a precious opportunity to be loved.. just as we are. Can you see that little glimmer of the promised land? Why, it's just some plain ole peace of mind and once we've got it, we can really dig our cleats into the grains of time and play some ball.





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