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Nutritional information available upon request at the delivery site

Polyface is complying in word but not in spirit to these new ridiculous government-required labeling requirements for nutritional information. The enclosed nutrient information is bogus-- it is grossly inaccurate. But the government doesn't care.

Here's how it works. Our nanny state government--pushed by consumer advocacy groups to require businesses to post nutrient information--requires this analysis. These figures are pulled from official United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) amounts. However, Polyface products are not anywhere close to these USDA figures.

To customize this information for pasture-based, beyond organic Polyface meats would require thousands of dollars in accredited laboratory testing. We think you'd rather buy products than pay for unnecessary lab work. But the government, in its infinite wisdom, allows us to post their generic nutrient information in lieu of expensive customized tabulations. Isn't that sweet?

Therefore, Polyface has opted to comply with the labeling requirements by posting the official generic government figures, even though they are outlandishly wrong. Fortunately, the government doesn't care about accuracy. It just cares about satisfying the consumer advocates who demand that businesses wipe their noses. So enjoy perusing these meaningless, misleading, and inaccurate nutrient labels. On some components, Polyface meats have double the nutrients than this generic information indicates.

Ain't this a great country? We can all sleep better tonight knowing the bureaucrats are watching over us. We are complying kicking and screaming. Now go laugh so you won't cry.

Joel Salatin for Polyface Farm
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